Taking Care Of The Patient

take care of the patientMedical providers have the unique opportunity of healing and saving lives on a daily basis. They spend their lives dedicated to studying health to be able to provide the correct diagnosis. AFC Providers take their jobs seriously, they know and accept that they make critical life decisions every day. There is NOTHING more rewarding than when a patient comes back to let us know how we have impacted their lives. Such was the case with Leslie, who is allowing us to share her story.

After recently delivering a child Leslie came into our AFC Clinic with flu/bronchitis like symptoms. Dr. Davis at AFC Urgent Care Fountain City in Knoxville noted her chest x-ray was borderline but due to other symptoms she was showing he prescribed steroids and an antibiotic. A few days later she came back to the clinic with neck pain and a fever. She saw Dr. Rhea who gave her medication for her headache and ran a CBC which showed a critically high white blood cell count. Dr. Rhea instructed Leslie to immediately go to the ER where she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. The ER Physicians told her that if it had not been for the medication Dr. Davis initially gave her she would not be alive. The medication kept the bacteria in the spine and did not allow it to spread, ultimately saving her life.

Success in the medical world consists not only on the providers – but on your willingness to act! AFC Urgent Care is here for you, we are committed to listening and providing the highest level of care to all of our patients.

Listen to your body, see the doctor, act on their instructions.

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